Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Local or internet print vendor?

There are advantages in using a local print vendor versus going to the Internet.  I suggest you create your own file or even better get a graphics designer to do it.  Then have a local print vendor produce your print material.  A local printer will offer personal service, guarantee the work and make sure you get quality print materials that improve the image of your business.

You can place your orders with an internet print vendor and possibly save money.  However, you will not have personal support if your file is of poor quality, and end up with an unsatisfactory product that you paid for in advance. 

Some internet printers accept U.S and international orders and print them as group runs.  These orders are not always printed in the United States.   Which means their color adjustments may result in wrong color shades.  A printed piece with a blue sky may come to you with a purple sky instead.  Internet printers place limitations on what they offer.  Clients have to pick their layouts, papers and ink colors and do not get custom printed pieces.  Internet print firms offer lower prices because they run many orders from different clients on large sheets.  This mass volume process is cheaper but lacks quality controls. 

Shouldn’t we be buying local to help the San Antonio economy? You may pay a little more but you will be in full control.  Your marketing pieces will turn out the way you want them, which will raise the level of your professionalism.     

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